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hey everyone! i'm listing some mac cosmetics with the hope to raise some extra money for christmas! please read the descriptions carefully, and feel free to make an offer or ask any questions.

i have an account on makeupalley http://makeupalley.com/p_bayli
and ebay http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=bailey_duden&ftab=AllFeedback/*

shipping to USA only & starts at $2.50 & includes delivery confirmation. *i will not be held responsible for lost packages, and i save all receipts as proof of mailing.*

i'm willing to trade for z palettes!

paypal is the only form of payment i accept.

1. velvet teddy 70%    $7
2. stroke of lust 70%    $8
3. pretty please 80%    $10
4. saint germain 80%    $10
5. honeylove 2x    $12
6. yash 2x    $20
7. speak louder 2x bottom tag falling off    $11
8. riveting rose 3x    $14
9. happy hibiscus sheen supreme w box 1x    $13
10. ever hip BNIB    $20
11. summer shower BNIB $20
12. heroine 1x w box    $14
13. sunsonic 1x    $14
14. beachbound 80%    $10


15. superglass sugar overload 3x    $10
16. splashing 2x    $10
17. join the party BN    $13
18. wildly refined 3x    $10

19. bite of an apple BNIB    $25
20. pink cult BN no box    $22
21. overdyed BN no box    $22
22. miss behave BN no box    $16
23. sakura BN no box    $16

24. MAC MSFN light - dome flattened 75%    $15
25. MAC bronzing powder - bronze 80%    $12
26. MAC briar rose beauty powder BN no box    $ 30
27. MAC pink power msf 1x    $35
28. MAC fix+  65%    $10
29. MAC blonde brow finisher 98%    $10
30. MAC sophisticated brow set 75%    $6
31. lancome juicy tubes mini -  pinkadelic 2x    $2
32. nars new lover velvet gloss lip pencil 3x never sharpened    $15
33. wet n wild don't steal my thunder trio 1x    $2
34. wet n wild cool as a cucumber trio 1x    $2
35. wet n wild i got good jeans trio 1x    $2
36. benefit confessions of a concealaholic 5x    $20
37. occ lip tar - grandma 2x    $10
38. chanel rouge allure laque - ming 2x    $28
I really want Summer Shower. Are you willing to trade? (my sales post is in the girly sales community, a few entries below yoursm=, with links to my previous items in it).
hi! i'm sorry, but i'm only willing to sell at the moment. thanks for your interest though :)
bite of an apple BNIB $25

nquiestas@gmail.com shipped to CA
$27.50 total shipped. i sent you a paypal invoice :) thanks!
Any way you can do it for $26 shipped? :x
sure! heres my paypal addy bailey_duden@hotmail.com i can get the blush sent out monday!
Ok thanks, & one more question, does it include delivery confirmation?
yep, delivery confirmation is included :)
Ok thanks, paid & I put my address in the message box :)
thank you very much! i'll get this sent out on monday! :)
(Screened comment)
just left you +feedback! thanks so much!
please leave me feedback here when you get a chance:
mac everhip if you will do 17
no thanks
hey! sorry, i don't wanna go any lower than $20 on that one.
I have a brand new pink z palette if ur interested
hey! are you looking to swap w me or sell the z palette to me?
I didnt see anything I was interested in =( I could do $18 shipped if your interested =)
that sounds great! bailey_duden@hotmail.com
got it! thanks so much! where can i leave you feedback? please leave me feedback here when you get a chance : http://www.makeupalley.com/p~bayli
Hi, are honey love and velvet teddy still available??
Hi! Yep, they are both still availble!
can you do $21 shipped? If so, invoice me: paypal: Blackdiva1122@aol.com, i will pay immediately...
that sounds great! invoice sent! :)